Twitch streamer Myth signs exclusive YouTube Gaming deal

Twitch streamer Ali Kabbani, aka Myth, announced that he has signed an exclusive deal to post and stream videos on YouTube Gaming. The Fortnite and Valorant streamer made the announcement with a video on Twitter Monday, saying that the switch from Twitch to YouTube was his decision alone.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Myth launched his YouTube channel in 2013, but switched to Twitch in 2016, where his popularity from Fortnite and Valorant earned him 7.4 million followers. He told the outlet in an exclusive interview that his desire to be both a gamer and an entertainer made him decide to go back to his roots.

“I’ve kind of had this shift of being a professional gamer being like this dedicated, sweaty gamer kid, to being someone that’s a bit more entertainment-focused, that has a personality, that’s willing to show up to events and be a personality for people and for the stream and for the audience. All while still, of course, being able to perform in games as well,” Myth said. He added that his love for games will never change, but the shift from gamer to entertainer “has driven me to feel like YouTube was the right place.”

Myth is the latest Twitch streamer to make the jump to YouTube Gaming in recent months. Last Thursday, LilyPichu announced she was switching to YouTube Gaming with a video parodying the meme about the stress of choosing which button to press. Other streamers who boarded the YouTube ship included TimTheTatman, Dr. Lupo, Valkyrae, Muselk, and LazarBeam.

Myth will start streaming on YouTube Gaming tomorrow, July 12. Other details surrounding the new deal have not been disclosed.

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