Queen’s job description is rewritten to reduce ‘must-do’ duties

The Queen’s role has been rewritten by Buckingham Palace, as it removes duties she “must fullfil” as monarch and entrusts more to the Prince of Wales.

The Queen’s “official duties” have been edited in the palace’s annual report for the first time in at least a decade, to take out specific events such as the State Opening of Parliament that were previously considered necessary by a “constitutional convention”.

The new version, published following the Platinum Jubilee, places greater emphasis on the support of the wider Royal family.

According to the Sovereign Grant report, signed off by Sir Michael Stevens, Keeper of the Privy Purse, the Queen’s role still comprises two key elements: Head of State and Head of Nation.

As Head of State, the “formal constitutional concept”, the Queen “must fulfil” specific duties.

These were previously laid out as a 13-point list, including the State Opening of Parliament, the appointment of the Prime Minister, and paying and receiving state visits.

The new version instead of a more loose definition, saying that the Queen’s role “encompasses a range of legal and diplomatic duties” and that she only “receives” other visiting heads of state.

It comes after the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge jointly attended the State Opening of Parliament on the Queen’s behalf this year, as much-reported mobility problems made it too difficult for her to attend in person.


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