5 Add-On Covers That Will Boost Your Car Insurance Coverage

When it comes to purchasing car insurance, many individuals believe that their options are limited to just third-party liability and comprehensive coverage. However, there are a variety of additional coverage options, known as add-on covers, that can enhance a car insurance policy for a minimal cost. To effectively choose the ideal add-on covers for your policy, it is important to understand the benefits they provide.

One popular add-on is Zero Depreciation, which ensures full coverage for the value of repaired or replaced parts of a damaged car in an accident. This add-on is typically only offered for newer cars and not those over 5 years old. Another option is No-Claim Bonus Retention, which protects a policyholder’s no-claim bonus (NCB) discount, even if they make a claim. NCB is a reward for not making any claims against a policy in the previous year.

Road Assistance is another useful add-on, providing help in emergency situations such as running out of fuel or experiencing technical issues while driving. Personal Accident Cover offers protection for the policyholder and paid driver in case of permanent disability or accidental death caused by an accident. Daily Cash Allowance is helpful for covering the cost of daily commutation expenses while a car is being repaired after a major accident.

Other available add-ons include Return to Invoice, Engine cover, and Key Replacement. It is important to carefully consider your needs and choose the add-on covers that best enhance the coverage of your standard car insurance policy.

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