Egerton Met Marvel’s Feige, Wants Wolverine

Egerton Still Keen To Play Wolverine
Apple TV+

Three years after his turn as Elton John in the acclaimed “Rocketman,” Taron Egerton is back on screens with the Apple TV+ series “Black Bird” and early reviews so far have highly praised the true-crime thriller series.

It comes off a colorful year for the actor who collapsed onstage at the first performance of his West End stage debuted earlier this year before having to pull out of that play for personal reasons.

Now though he’s got multiple projects on the way including a film in which he plays “Tetris” company founder Henk Rogers, and a return to the “Kingsman” franchise which kicked off his film career.

For years though, one role he’s been fan linked to and commented on is that of the X-Men’s Wolverine. Egerton worked with Hugh Jackman on “Eddie the Eagle” several years ago and since then has been asked about potentially succeeding his co-star in the MCU’s version of the role.

In a new profile piece for The New York Times, he revealed he has met with Marvel Studio executives, including Kevin Feige, about the possibility:

“I don’t think it would be wrong to say that. I’d be excited but I’d be apprehensive as well because Hugh is so associated with the role that I’d wonder if it’d be very difficult for someone else to do it… But hopefully if it does come around, they’ ll give me a shot.”

The actor underwent rigorous physical training for “Black Bird,” far more than for his “Kingsman” roles, and has maintained/grown it since which has been visible on his social media accounts.

What’s not clear is when Marvel will be introducing any new X-Men characters into the MCU – that brief Professor X (Patrick Stewart) appearance aside.

Egerton can be seen in “Black Bird,” a series which also marks Ray Liotta’s final on screen appearance, on the Apple TV+ service. It starts Friday July 8th.

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