Corrie’s Max Turner turns to David and Shona after blackmail

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Max Turner broke down in front of David and Shona Platt tonight in Coronation Street as he asked for their help after being blackmailed over a naked photo.

In tonight’s (June 20) trip to the cobbles, a nervous Max was getting ready for his date with Sonya but was later stunned to receive a message from Sonya asking him to send her a naked picture of himself beforehand.

When he later found himself home alone, Max set out to do as Sonya had asked and headed upstairs to his bedroom.


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Later, Max brought up the request to Sonya during their date, but was horrified to hear that she didn’t send the message at all.

“You agreed to come on a date with me,” Max told her. “The message I sent you… I sent you a photo.”

“The only message I’ve had is from an unknown number that said it was you wanting to talk about the film,” Sonya replied.

After the pair realised that someone had set them up, Max text the number once again in a desperate search for answers, only to be left devastated when he received another text demanding £1,000 or the catfish would share the photo online.

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Later Max lashed out at David, and turned to his friends for help, explaining that someone was trying to blackmail him. While his friends suggested he go to the police, they later second guessed the decision as Chris pointed out that Max sent a pornographic picture to an underage girl.

“There’s nothing for it, I’m going to have to pay them,” Max decided, and was later seen taking a card from David’s wallet.

A desperate Max then tried to access David’s account to transfer the money, he was distraught when he failed the security checks and the bank alerted David Platt to some suspicious activity on his account, who confronted the youngster immediately.

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As he realised that the time had come to open up to his family, Max explained what had happened and why he’d tried to access David’s bank account.

“Sonya asked me to send a photo of myself,” Max admitted. “Only it wasn’t Sonya, it was someone pretending to be her and now they’re blackmailing me.”

As David and Shona came to realise the severity of the situation, they decided that they wouldn’t be giving the blackmailers any money, insisting they’d only keep coming back for more.

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Max, however, was devastated by the decision to call the blackmailer’s bluff, and begged for David and Shona to send them the money they’d asked for

“What if they send it to everyone I know?” Max insisted. “Or the police? Send them the money… please.”

What will David and Shona decide to do?

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