10 Unique Ways Wrestlers Celebrated Winning Matches

If you’ve watched enough pro wrestling, you’ve probably seen it thousands of times and don’t even flinch when it happens.

Every time someone pins someone else’s shoulders to the mat or makes them submit, they get their arm raised in victory. Then, the celebration begins. Depending on the significance of the win, that victory celebration might be as simple as a fist pump, or it might be a literal victory lap around the ringside area. Tears might flow, confetti might drop, and pyro might erupt.

Yep, we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen posing, flexing, hugging and kissing. We’ve seen wrestlers retire, turn on partners, and walk off in disgust.

But we’ve seen some winners do things that others haven’t before, and haven’t since. Despite the countless wrestling matches that have taken place throughout the years and unfathomable victors who have come along, there are some post-match routines that stick out in your mind, whether they were a “normal” celebration for that wrestler, or a one- time deal that left an indelible mark.

We’ll try to leave out the confetti-flying celebrations for this list and stick to the one-of-a-kind victory wrestlers dances performed after winning matches.

Let’s get to it…

When we said “victory dances,” it wasn’t meant to be literal, but that’s exactly what Rikishi and Too Cool brought to the table during the Attitude Era.

The three men formed an unusual, but effective, alliance that saw Rikishi as the fun-loving heavy, and Too Cool the goofs who were essentially the big guy’s sidekicks. But while on the surface the looked like they couldn’t possibly have anything in common, it turns out they absolutely did.

And that thing, was dancing.

The trio would often celebrate their victories, whether in singles, tag or six-man tag action, by placing sunglasses on Rikishi and dancing away. Maybe it was Scott 2 Hotty’s Worm, or maybe it was seeing a 400-pound Samoan dance like a fool, but it worked, and it was a lot of fun for fans after matches.

Aside from Fandango, is there anyone else who dances after they win a match?

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